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The rapid development of various industries in the country, such as construction, oil and gas, high end machineries related manufacturing and other industries need trained safety and health officers and experts. There is always a need for well trained, professional individuals in this field. In fact, there are many career prospects for safety professionals. Some jobs include, professional plant operation personnel and engineers, safety managers, safety coordinators and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) trainers.  


Team Leaders, Line Managers, Production Managers, Safety and Health Managers, Human Resource Management, Safety and Health Officers, Safety and Health Co-ordinators and Industrial Specialist.


  • To acquire and use the required skills and knowledge to effectively manage occupational safety and health within the organization
  • To understand various skills involved in managing occupational safety and health
  • To acquire in-depth understanding on occupational safety and health legislations and standard regulations
  • To acquire skills on how to lead, motivate and influence staffs to ensure high awareness of occupational safety and health concerns
  • To demonstrate the role and function of safety and health professionals and the significance of team approach to occupational safety and health practice¬†
  • To understand and implement effective communication skills and approach in the area of occupational safety and health



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