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The Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management is developed for working adults from various backgrounds. This programme has been designed to meet the needs of working adults especially executives who wish to advance further in their careers. The fast moving economy which is boosted by frequent technological transformations require highly skilled and well-experienced individuals to manage them. This course will eventually develop highly capable individuals who can manage technically advancing businesses tactfully to meet the local and global demands. This course is aimed to create and enhance managerial and entrepreneurial skills needed in any organisation. The knowledge acquired from these modules will enhance the skills of the workers from any department and especially in team work that needed for radical business development. It will also provide opportunity for the management staffs enjoy effective job mobility within the company. It will also help them in their career enhancement.


  • To acquire and use the managerial skills creatively and effectively
  • To understand various skills involved in managing a business
  • To trigger the skills needed to generate ideas and strategies to produce products and services according to market’s needs
  • To acquire skills on how to lead, motivate and influence staff to ensure high performance and productivity.
  • To understand global needs and changes in business and technology.
  • To understand and acquire skill to manage changes and instill problem and crisis solving skills.


  1. Fundamentals of Management
  2. Introduction to Human Capital Management
  3. Information Systems Strategy
  4. Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
  5. Strategic Marketing
  6. Technology Management
  7. Managing Change and Conflict
  8. Knowledge Management



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